4wd Campervan Hire Recovery Gear

Your 4wd campervan hire via this site may be the first time you’ve been in charge of a 4wd. Whilst getting off the main roads of Perth and Western Australia is possibly going to be one of the best adventures of your life, you must always keep in the mind that things can go wrong with vehicles and do you have the right gear to survive and recover if you get stuck? In order to give you a better understanding of what gear will come with your 4wd campervan hire and how to use it, keep reading.

4wd Campervan Hire Recovery Gear – Do You Really Need It?

The larger 4wd campervan hire companies in Perth and Broome can supply certain recovery-gear: sometimes as standard issue with the rental, sometimes as an extra option. It really isn’t an “option” when you are heading off-road to take recovery gea,r it is a necessity. So if the quote you get doesn’t have the gear listed as already included, add to your quote the whatever the extra package is to have it on board – you really don’t want to go off road without it




EPIRB – Safety Beacon

One thing that all the serious 4wd campervan hire companies supply with their 4wd campers is a distress beacon, also known as an EPIRB, which stands for Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon. This device, when activated, sends a distress signal via satellite on a channel that the emergency services monitor. Much like sailors out at sea, when the beacon is activated someone will come. Only use this device if it is a real emergency though. They are a use-once device and cost a few hundred dollars and are registered by their serial number. If you use it, notification will get to your camper hire company that you have done so. On top of this, it is likely a search plane or helicopter will be sent to you. If it is a false alarm, you are likely to be charged for that flight as well as the cost of the beacon.
The device itself is normally quite small and can go in a backpack, if taking a long hike from the vehicle in the outback, it is a good idea to put it in your day pack for peace of mind

After the safety beacon, what is supplied by the 4wd campervan hire companies will be different per company, but here’s a list of some things they supply and what they are for:


Bottle Jack:

Pretty mush all the campervans will have a bottle jack as it the style of jack that is supplied by the manufacturer. In most cases Toyota. It is the best jack for, and is designed for, changing a tyre on flat, solid ground.

The most likely ‘damage’ that you are going to experience with your 4wd camper rental is that you are going to blow a tyre. And it most likely that you will blow the rear passenger tyre. And it is also most likely that you will blow that tyre whilst you are going at speed on a solid road, as opposed to going slow over an extremely rocky ground. In this case, if you are, in fact, on pretty solid, pretty flat ground, use the bottle jack to change the tyre.

Hi-lift jack:

The hi lift jack special kind of jack that can raise your 4wd camper significantly higher than the normal bottle jack. It is designed for use when you need to raise your vehicle out of bogs and holes where the tyres just can’t get traction. The hi-lift jack doesn’t go under the car, rather it stands up alongside it and you stick the mounting arm under and appropriate part of the campervan. Use this kind of jack to get out of holes by lifting the car out of the hole and then fill it in, lower the camper and drive away.

With a couple of chains around this jack can also be used as a winch. It can only move your stuck camper a few feet, but that might be all you need to get out of tricky situation.

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