5 Tips to Buy a Used Caravan in Perth

If you are the type of person who prefers to explore the terrains and participate in outdoor activities on a budget, then you may consider buying a used caravan or a 4WD camper in Perth. But before you make your final decision, to buy used caravan in Perth, there are some things you need to do and a lot of factors to consider . Here are five useful tips that will help you get the right caravan.

Consider the Size

Size matters when it comes to buying used caravans in Perth. A larger caravan offers more space and luxury than a smaller one. It has large berths, well-equipped kitchens and spacious bathrooms and washing facilities. It also provides enough space to accommodate family and friends comfortably. The downside of a large caravan is that you need a bigger and more powerful vehicle to tow it and manoeuvre on the road and at the campsite.

When choosing a caravan, make sure its weight does not exceed 85 percent of the weight of your vehicle. You should also check for any towing specifications issued by the vehicle’s manufacturer to be on the safer side. If the breadth of the caravan exceeds 2.3 meters, you will have to hire a commercial vehicle and an experienced tow driver to move it.

Consider Price

There are several used caravans for sale in Perth, with some going for a few hundreds of dollars and others thousands of dollars. When you want to buy used caravan in Perth, go for something that does not strain you financially. Look for dealers who offer favourable prices and do not impose additional or hidden charges. We recommend car auctions since they are reliable and offer cheaper rates. When buying at an auction, you need to check the payment terms. Ensure the auction house accepts credit cards or checks if this is how you plan to pay. You should also attend the preview sessions to inspect the caravan and check the pickup and delivery options.

Check the Caravan

You don’t want to go home with a caravan only to discover it is damaged and lack essential items. Check the caravan thoroughly before you buy it. Look out for any signs of dampness at the corners, walls and cupboards. Check to see whether the floor is in good condition and the room partitions fitted with a smoke detector and fire extinguisher. Check if all appliances, lights, water sources and electrical components are working properly. Also, inspect the exterior to see if the axles, awnings, tow hitch, jockey wheel and chassis are in good condition.

Research the Seller

If you are buying from a place other than an auction house, then you need to do a background check on the seller. Make sure the seller guarantees the caravan should there be a problem with the purchase. Make sure you are able to visit the seller’s premises. The premises should match the address provided in the caravan’s registration details. You may also want to see the seller’s operating license to see if he is legit. This is important, particularly if the seller runs a dealership.

Consider Other Little Things

There are some things we often ignore but come back to haunt us later. Things like the caravan’s age, previous owners and how it was being used are very important and can affect your decision when buying a caravan. A van that is older than 15 years, for instance, cannot be as effective as one that has been around for only four years. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about little concerns, including the documentation of the caravan and the ownership history.

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