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TravAutoBarn_ChubbyWestern Australia is a huge state, in fact if it was it’s own country it would be the 10th largest in the world, so there are plenty of roads to travel if you go for 2wd campervan hire in Perth.

A good portion of the roads in Western Australia are dirt roads or tracks taking you to so some of the most remote places on earth. If heading to the outback and dirt roads, it is essential to have a 4wd camper as 2wd campers WILL eventually get stuck. But if you are wanting to keep to the sealed roads for your whole adventure then hiring a cheaper, 2wd campervan from Perth might be the thing for you.

4wd vs 2wd campervan hire in Perth

Not everyone who wants to hire a campervan in Perth wants to hire a 4wd though. The reality is, even though 4wd’s offer more destination options and a lot more fun, they do cost more. Western Australia has plenty of sealed roads and attractions you can get to on those sealed roads, so there are plenty of 2wd campervan hire companies in Perth to cater for this. In fact, on last count there was around 30 2wd campervan hire companies in Perth to choose form.

Like anywhere else in the country, the mix of camper hire companies here ranges from the large nationals, to intermediates and the locals.

Whilst the large companies will have all their own depots, the intermediates will often use a sub-network to house their campervans until they go out again. So it is a shared depot of many brands. If you get down to the nitty-gritty of comparing intermediate sized campervan hire companies, you are going to find that you have to pick a number of competing companies vehicles up from the same place.

Anyway, what makes Perth stand out a bit from the rest of Australia when it comes to campervan hire companies are the ones that are “Western Australia only”. One of the main routes from Perth is to head north along the coast all the way to Broome, and for the really adventurous, to then head on to Darwin in the Northern Territory. Whilst you will miss some of the best inland parts of Western Australia doing just this route, you are also going to see come cracker stuff.
The further afield you get from Perth, the further it is between towns and fuel stops. There is a distance guide HERE that you can download to see how far everywhere is from Perth. Print it and keep it with you if you like.


What to See with a 2wd Campervan

he highlights of this trip would be :

  • Sand surfing at Lancelin
  • The Pinnacles National Park at Cervantes
  • The beaches at Jurien Bay
  • Geraldton
  • Fishing at Kalbarri and Kalbarri National Park
  • See the dolphins at Monkey Mia in Shark Bay
  • Swimming with Whale Sharks at Exmouth
  • Check out the latest in mining towns at Karratha and shear scale of mining in Port Hedland (but don’t stay overnight in Port Hedland – it’s a sh!t-hole)
  • Then on to tropical Broome for AWESOME fishing off the pier and flavoured beers at Matso’s

List of Campervan Hire Companies in Perth

Britz-Renegade-300x185If you are only keen on hiring a campervan in Perth from the major companies then you are going to be pleased to see this list of companies with depots suggested by A1 Roadworthy for your caravan

  • Britz Campervans
  • Kea Campervans
  • Maui
  • Mighty Campers
  • Apollo Camper
  • Cheapa Camper
  • Hippie Campers
  • Wicked Campers
  • Travellers-Autobarn

Here is some of the Mid sized companies you will find in Perth:


  • Around Australia Motorhomes
  • Awesome Campers
  • Energi Motorhomes
  • Real Value Campervans
  • Spaceships
  • Travelwheels
  • Viva Campers
  • Comet Campers

And some of the smaller national companies:


  • Allseasons Campervans
  • Australia Motorcamper Rentals
  • Bartrak Campervans
  • Boomerang Campers
  • Dolphin Campervan Hire
  • Easylife Rentals
  • Go Camper
  • Totally Campers

But there is another list that I think is great if you are looking for campervan hire in Perth. It is the list of companies that are Western Australia ONLY. That is, all they service is Perth, Exmouth, Broome, Darwin or a combination of some of these places. I know that Darwin is in the Northern Territory, but as I mentioned, it is very common for people to do a one-way trip from Perth to Darwin of vice versa. In fact if you can spare the time I highly recommend the trip. (In fact if you really want to do that trip you should try and do it in a 4wd to squeeze in the Karajini National Park and the Gibb River Road – both 4wd only)

There aren’t too many of these companies but there is the list of campervan hire companies in Perth that are specific to Western Australia:


  • OzPods (Perth)
  • Campabout Oz (Perth, Broome, Darwin)
  • GoCamper (Perth)
  • GoKombi (same company as above but does classic Kombi Vans)
  • Kompact Campers (also same company but does modern VW vans)

If you want to read reviews of these Perth campervan hire companies, then head on over to which has reviews and feedback from people who have used these companies.

If you don’t want to track down every one of these guys yourself, but rather just compare prices of them in one easy go, just fill in the booking form on this site and get a comparison of the best prices from the best companies.



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