Campervan Hire Perth

Swan_Bells_tower_(3)Given the population of the city (around 1.9M), there are actually a lot of options when it comes to campervan hire Perth. The company sizes range from small, family owned business right up to the stock-exchange listed companies, but one thing they nearly all have in common is great customer service, and that they are all vying to be the campervan hire company of your choice.

There is an impressive range of quality campers available for hire in Perth. Starting at the basic 2 berth budget models supplied by many companies, finishing up at the luxury end of the market with 6 berth motorhomes with all the modern conveniences like showers and toilets. If you want to find out who is offering the best value in each range then you should check out the booking form here.





Campervan Hire Perth

Perth is the biggest city in Western Australia and hence has the most amount of companies with depots there. There are about 30 companies who will supply campervans from Perth. For some companies, Perth is the end of the line for Western Australia and you will have to return your camper to the same depot you picked up at.
Other campervan hire companies have depots in other capital cities so you can get one-way campervan hire and drop it off in other states. Unfortunately you are likely to incur a one-way fee for doing this. This can be around $300 but it will show up clearly in quote you get through this site.
Some other companies have depots in other cities in Western Australia. This allows greater flexibility as you travel some of the more famous routes from Perth, Australia.

Campervan Hire Perth, Broome, Darwin

Hiring a campervan in Perth and then taking the route north along the coast to Broome and maybe even then on to Darwin is one of the most well known routes in Western Australia.

It is about 2,600km (1615 Mi) from Perth to Broome via the coast road. That ads up to about 30 hours of driving. The best fun can be had if you average about 4hrs a day driving, so you want no less than 8 days to do that route, but realistically make it 2 weeks to allow your self some play time.

It is then another 1900km (1180 Mi) on to Darwin. So you should allow around 7 days for this journey.

The best fun doing this leg of the journey with your campervan hire from Perth is to get a 4wd camper. With the 4wd you can do the Gibb River Rd leg from Derby to Kununurra. This is one of the most exciting roads in Australia with a myriad of things to do; hikes, gorges, waterfalls, rock pools, river crossings and wildlife. You MUST only do this road in 4wd drive camper hire. There is a wide and potentially deep river crossing near the eastern end of the road. This river DOES have saltwater crocodiles and you don’t want to stalling your 2wd campervan in this river and waiting for help. Take a 4wd camper!


Campervan Hire Perth – Some Holiday Tips

Get a campervan that suits your style:

If you want to go off-roading at any time you will have to get a 4wd camper. 2wd campervans can only stay on sealed roads except for getting to camp sites – make sure you read the terms and conditions of the campervan hire company to understand what they allow.
If you are the kind of person that likes a little luxury, then don’t go for the cheapest campervan hire options. The cheapest vans are that way for a reason. Whilst they might be up to scratch mechanically, they will be lacking in the finer things and everything in the camper will be older. Most the time the cheaper campers are over 3 years old. Some times much older.

Hire a campervan that suits the weather:

Even during the winter months parts of Western Australia can be quite warm, but like any place that spans such a huge north-south direction, the weather can vary in the winter. If you don’t like the cold, think about whether you want to cook outside or inside the campervan. Same can be said for rain, if you are going to be in the north during the wet season (see When is Best to Visit Perth and Western Australia? on the home page) think about your cooking desires and how much protection you have outside the campervan – do you want an awning, an annexe a separate tent. Nearly all these options will be offered by at least one company that offers cameraman hire, Perth.

Check you have the right Insurance:

Most campervan hire companies in Perth offer various levels of insurance protection. As a rule, the newer the campervan, the less likely you are to break down, but it is not only break downs you have to think about. Chips on the window from stones flung by other vehicles are very common – if you are driving from Perth to Darwin you will cover around 4,500km. The chance of getting a stone chip in the window is high, are you going to be charged for it? What about tyres? Basic insurance will not cover you for burst tyres. If you go in the hotter part of the year there is an increased risk of this. Do you want to have to pay for a new tyre if you burst one, or do you want insurance to cover it? On a 2wd campervan, and new tyre will cost around $80-$100 in a remote town. In a 4wd it will cost around $100-$150.

Another thing to keep in mind about insurance for campervan hire Perth, is who is offering the insurance. ONLY take out insurance with the campervan hire company. Sometimes, there are offers by 3rd party insurers as you go through your booking process, don’t take these. Some times the campervan rental company doesn’t recognise them as good enough and will want you to take out more of their own insurance and the other thing is if you make a claim, it is now you dealing with them and them dealing the campervan hire company. This makes for slow and laborious claims and a game of he-said-she-said. If necessary accept a quote and book you campervan hire Perth without the insurance and then add it on when you pick up the vehicle. It is a much safer way to deal with insurance between you and campervan hire company.

All in all, you can have a great adventure when you get the correct campervan hire. Perth has so many to choose from you will eventually find the right one to suit your style and budget. If you want to compare prices of the largest selection of campervan rental companies in one place, go to our booking form and enter you travel details.

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