Esperance to Kalgoorlie

If you’re looking to go even further afield than the last 2 itineraries with you campervan, then the natural progression beyond Albany is to follow the coast a little further east and continue on to Esperance, then Esperance to Kalgoorlie. After that the best thing to do is turn north, head through Norseman and then on to Kalgoorlie. If you are heading further east on to South Australia, then going north past Norseman might have you ask the question,”Is it worth going past the Nullabore turn off all the way to Kalgoorlie and then back to Norseman?” The answer is definitely YES.

The Esperance to Kalgoorlie Route: Esperance

Esperance is a beautiful little town along the Western Australian south coast. It is a great town to relax in and spend some time on the beach, in fact it has some of Western Australia’s best beaches, and when you consider the size of the coastline of Western Australia, that’s saying something. It has been voted as one of Australia’s best beaches and is also known for its surfing. If you are on a surfing safari in you campervan travels around Australia, you simply have to stop in Esperance.



If you are into your nature experiences, the Esperance region boasts close access to 3 different and popular national parks – Cape Le Grand, Stoked and Arid National Parks. The most popular of these is Cape Le Grand. The beaches here are the ones that are often on the Western Australia postcards. The sand is pristine white and is so fine it is the type that squeaks underfoot as you walk along it. It is such a loved bunch of beaches that even the Kangaroos can be seen at times of the day lazing around at the beach producing some of Tourism Australia’s most memorable postcards. By visiting Cape Le Grand National Park, you may be able to get your own version of the postcard photo.
You can find out about what else there is to do in Esperance here


The Esperance to Kalgoorlie Route: Norseman

Norseman is an old mining town that is about half way between Esperance and Kalgoorlie – which is to say about 200 km form both. Coming from the southern coastal region you would have noticed the change in terrain as you head in to the Norseman region. Gone is the lush green on the coast the the red of the traditional Australian outback has started to appear. Also, appearing is the increased heat, the decreased humidity and the ever present swarm of flies. Ah flies – welcome to the outback folks.
The main attraction to Norseman is, well, the turn off to South Australia.There are public toilets, a couple of petrol stations and a wonderful pub. If staying overnight in Norseman make sure you get to the pub in the evening, where you’ll find the friendliest people in Norseman are hanging out. If looking for a trinket or a keepsake of the journey, take a look at the stubbie holders. Not ones to be too boastful of their town, they are aware that most people don’t know they exist and have produced a stubbie holder to celebrate the fact. It may not make sense at first, it has written on “Norseman – wear the fox hat” But i you maybe put on a bit of an Irish accent and say it again, you might get to hear the true meaning which is “Norseman – Where the fcks that”.
If you’re looking for something to do other than just going to the pub for a bunch of beers, you can get a great view of the region from the lookout on Beacon Hill, a couple of kilometers from town.


The Esperance to Kalgoorlie Route: Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is a gold mining town. It only exists to furnish the great big hole in the ground that is just out of town – but my, what a hole. Known as the Superpit, it is an amazing feat of engineering – about 3.6km (2.2 miles) long, 1.6 km (1.0 miles) wide and around 500 metres (1,680ft) deep and forever getting deeper. If you have never seen a large scale mining operation, you are going to gobsmacked at the sheer scale that everything works on here – 24/7. Set about 200 km north of Norseman and about 600km east of Perth, this town is worth the stop before heading across the Nullabore and to the eastern states.
With around 28,000 people there are plenty of facilities here and places to stock your campervan with all sorts of goodies if you are continuing east across the Nullabore. In fact you are better stocking up here rather than Norseman as there are better options here. I even managed to get guitar repairs in this town.
As to the sights, well, there really is only one attraction and that is the pit. You can’t go in as it is a working mine and can be quite dangerous, but they have a well appointed look out point that has plenty of information about the history and current status of the mine. To try and give a scale, there is a photo here of the kind of bucket the diggers use, then a photo looking in to the pit where you can see a digger at the bottom. The Myriad of trucks that haul the rock and gold to the top look like tiny Tonker trucks as they trverse the roads that surround the pit. Really, you just can’t get the scale until you are there.
For a list of other things to do in Kalgoorlie you can visit the Tourist Website.It mentions playing 2-up at a special location on the outskirts of town, but on last checking it was closed so check with the tourist office to see if there is any 2-up on.


Where to park the campervan overnight


There is plenty of free camping that will suit your 4wd camper around Kalgoorlie. If you are going a long haul around Australia it is best to get book Camps Australia Wide, it lists all the free and non free camping sites in Australia. If you don’t have that are any camping apps on a smart phone, then pop in to the information centre in town, they will be able to point you in the right direction. There is at least one little place outside of town down near the lake that locals like to hang out on the weekend.If you are looking for other ideas on what to do in the region, head back to the itineraries pages.

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