What to see in Margaret River

Margaret River

SB-CellarDoor-011-300x200If you are wondering what to see in Margaret River you have come to the right place. The Margaret River wine region is very well known in world wine circles. Its position in a warm climate area that also receives the cooling breezes that come in off the Indian Ocean and plenty of rain at the right time, make it a wonderful wine producing climate. Situated about 270km south of Perth, it technically could even be visited as a day trip, you would me mad to do it this way though. The Margaret River region caters for nearly all tastes, wine enthusiasts, beer connoisseurs, food lovers, coffee lovers, venison lovers and the list goes on.



If you are in to your wines, you are going to be gobsmacked by some of the wines here. Whilst many of Australia’s wine drinkers got hooked on lack-lustre, easy drinking, watery New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River chose the path of well developed, straw and earthy style. The similarity between the Sauv Blanc in Margaret River and New Zealand is non existent. If you like one style, you are probably not a fan of the other, however, I think that the Margaret River style of long lasting and structured flavours are winners every time. As you would expect from any wine region, there are good wineries and average ones. Some of the best ones to visit are:

Stella Bella
Cape Mentelle (try the vineyard tour and the food matching experience)
Evans and Tate
There are many more though.



If you aren’t really in to your wines then there are still plenty of options if you are a drinks connoisseur. There are now 7 breweries that are nestled in the small Margaret River region. All are microbreweries so you can be sure that the flavours are going to be strong and beers made with love and attention. Not everyone is going to like the beers made at all the breweries but that is half the fun of doing tasting tours. Some are offering ciders as well and one of the breweries (Duckstein Brewery), has chosen to make wines in a German style. There is something for everyone across the range though, that’s for sure. Here’s the list of Breweries:

Bootleg Brewery
Bush Shack Brewery
Cheeky Monkey Brewery & Cidery
Colonial Brewing Co
Cowaramup Brewing Company
Duckstein Brewery
Eagle Bay Brewing Co


Of course it’s not all about beer and wine in the Margaret River region, there is plenty of artisan food as well. There is way too many food specialty outlets to cover here, but if you are wondering what to see in Western Australia, when it comes to food, there is no better region in the state than Margaret River. There are boutique chocolate manufacturers, cheese stores, venison specialty stores, cafes galore, locally grown olives, fudge, nougat, nuts, cereals, fresh local vegetables and produce, ice cream, berries and a mountain of cellar door restaurants. The manus range from high end Modern Australian to basic deli food. There are plenty of supermarkets spread around the area for self catering in case you actually want to use the kitchenette in your campervan, and most local produce used in the cafes are also available for take away sale at the cafe or other outlets in town.

What to see in Margaret River

One of the lesser talked about things to go and see in Margaret River are theStingrays at Hamelin Bay. These little fellas come in right up to the shore looking for left overs that the fisherman might have thrown in the when they come back in to shore. If you are slow and quiet, you can actually walk in to the water and the stingrays will continue to glide up and the down the shore line and completely ignore you whilst they swim just by your legs. Keep in mind though, they are still wild creature so don’t try and pick them up. Also, they are not there on a timetable so they are not always hanging around. In the AM is a better time to go looking for them.

A popular attraction to see in the region is the limestone caves. There are around 150 caves in the area but only 4 of them are available to the public. 3 of them you are able to self guide through (there is an entry fee) and one is a guided tour only.

Lake, Mammoth and Jewel caves are the caves that you can self guide through. Quite large in some parts and quite thin in others these caves have formed over hundreds of thousands of years of water draining through the rocks and forming the stalagmites and stalactites that make the caves so beautiful. And for when you get there, it is best to remember which go up and which go down by remembering this little riddle of the little girl who stood in the cave: as the mites went UP her leg, her tights fell DOWN.

The cave the is only open with tour guides is the the Moondyne Cave. For this you don gloves, overall and a helmet for a 3 hour guided tour led by volunteers.



The list of other things to do in Margaret River goes on: the lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin, 2 different kinds of hedge and forest mazes, surfing, whale watching (seasonal), a relaxing beer at the Augusta pub with an amazing view of the river meeting the sea, fishing trips, visits to reptile parks and a heap more.

Where to stay

There are plenty of caravan parks as to stay in the Margaret River area. Due to the huge amount of tourists that come to the area, it is harder to find a “free camp” space. There are a number of beaches that have shower and toilet facilities at them. Most of these places will have signs up saying that there is no parking overnight. This is not always enforced so you can risk being asked to move on late in the evening or you can pay a little cash and stay at a caravan park.

One place that is a little different to stay at near the town of Margaret River is an active sheep farm that also has overnight stays for hired campervans, campers, camper trailers and caravans. Big Valley Campground has all the facilities you want as well as being a little unique in that it is still and active sheep farm. Originally they built the facilities for school groups but then realised that plenty of non-group based people wanted to stay there too. Now it is open to all the public. There are a number of other places to stay that you can find using some smart phone apps or the book “Camps Australia Wide”. You can get a review of the best camping smart-phone apps here.

Margaret River is a wonderful place to spend a few days. If you travel fast you could allow 2 days as “see it all”, but you will have a better time if you allow yourself at least 3 days to really get in to the heart of the area.

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