Things to See in Western Australia

What to See in Western Australia

Western Australia ia a huge state. It takes up around 1/3 of mainland Australia. After experiencing Perth, most people will either take their campervan on a way trip on to another state in Australia or a take smaller kind of loop out of Perth and back to it again. Here is a couple of ideas on what to see in Western Australia if you get your campervan hire from Perth.

Itineraries for what to see in Western Australia


Perth to Margaret River Return

The Margaret River Region

About 270km south of Perth this is the most famous wine and food region of Western Australia.
Plenty of things to do that involve food and beverage as well as exploring things like limestone caves, whale watching, great beaches and maybe even frolick with stingrays. Also some great places to park up your campervan overnight.
Suggested time 3-4 days from Perth and back


Perth return via Albany

Margaret River Region and on to Albany

After spending 3 or 4 days in Margaret River, it is a beautiful drive on through the lush forest areas of Pemberton for some more wonderful wine and food experiences and then on to historic Albany, Western Australia’s southern most town.
Suggested time about 7 days from Perth and back

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Perth return via Esperance and Kalgoorlie

Margaret River, Albany and on to Esperence and Kalgoorlie

If you are looking to see one of the most amazing feats of human engineering, continue on to the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie. Here you will see the contrast in colours that Western Australia has to offer as you leave the lush green of the south west and head in to some of the true outback. This whole trip can be done in a 2wd campervan if you want as there are sealed roads the whole way.
Suggested time 8-10 days from Perth and back
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Perth to the east via the southern route

Perth to the east coast – southern route

If you are heading from Perth across to the eastern states you can either go through the south, the middle or the north or Western Australia. If you are heading via the southern road you should do the itinerary directly above (Margaret River, Albany, Kalgoorlie) and then get on the Nullabor Plane route. This path includes the longest, flatest, straightest bit of road in the world.
Suggested time 9-12 days from Perth to Ceduna (the eastern end of the nullabor)

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