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Campervan Hire Perth

Additionally, if you are wanting to go to the outback in a 4wd camper there is a bunch of information like itineraries, saftey gear discussions, styles of 4wd campers and much more.

There is also a mass of information for the 2wd campervan hire enthusiast as well, whole sections dedicated to 2wd campervan hire.


So Just Where is Perth?


Perth is the capital of Western Australia, Australia’s largest state. The state makes up the western 3rd the Australian mainland and is 2,529,875 square kilometers (976,790 sq mi) in size (ref wikipedia.com). It’s said that if it was it’s own country, it would be the 10th largest in the world.

The state population is a mere 2.4 million with 1.9 million (79%) living in greater Perth. With such a small a mount of people, the population density in Western Australia, on average, about 1 person per square km (1 person per 2.4 sq/mi). Read between the lines here and you will see that there is plenty of space to drive a 4wd camper and not very many people around to bug you.

Perth is on the south-west coast of Australia, parked on the Indian Ocean. It is the most remote capital city in the world. To the south and immediate east there is rich, lush farming land and forests. Further east the terrain dries out and becomes the traditional outback that people are used to seeing on TV.

Heading north along the coast you will find vast, unpopulated beaches and a myriad of small towns. The terrain dries out and becomes more sparse and desert like as you head north and the outback terrain creeps closer to the coast. Here even the towns start to dry up, becoming fewer and further between. When you reach as far as Port Hedland, the outback has truly made it to the coast and environment is is made up of red, blue and splatter of green. The red of the earth, the blue of the ocean and the sky and the scattering of green desert grasses that manage to survive in the heat.Purnululu2


If you push on though, further towards the equator, the colours and life spring back as you enter the lushness of the Kimberley region – full of trees, wildlife, rivers and adventure. There’s no place quite like it. Here you are going to have the best time if you are in a 4wd campervan. There are roads here that lead to some of most remote and beautiful places on earth and you would hate to get so close and then not have a 4wd camper hire Perth that can get you the last few kilometers.

About Perth

building-340301_640Perth was first settled in 1829 and is set on the Majestic Swan River that cuts it’s way through the center of the city on its way to the port area of Fremantle. With a population of about 1.9 million, it has every service that you would expect from a big city. If there is anything you forgot to bring with you, you can pick it up here. But make sure you DO pick it up here, as this is the only city in the whole state that can claim CITY status as opposed to TOWN.

There is plenty of choice for clubs, bars, restaurants and things to do. A tipple down by the wide Swan River is one good way to spend some time as well as a visit to the Mint where you can actually pick up a real, full sized gold bullion and see just how heavy that stuff really is.



4wd Camper Hire Perth or 2wd?

There are a myriad of 2wd campervan hire companies as well as the best of the best 4wd camper hire Perth companies to be found. In all there are around 28 campervan hire companies to choose from with depots in Perth. If you are looking to head one-way, north along the coast, a bunch of these companies have other depots in Exmouth, Broome and Darwin (Northern Territory). Alternatively, if you are heading east along the south coast many have depots in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.


When is Best to Visit Perth and Western Australia?

Being in the southern hemisphere, Perth has it’s summer in December, January, February and winter June, July, August. The wettest months tend to be May, June July. The hottest and driest month is February. The coldest and wettest month is July.



The above weather chart should be considered if you are planning on heading to Perth and the south west corner of Western Australia like Margaret River or around the coast to Albany, Esperance and in to the national parks.



Weather in the North

P6210492-300x225If you are planning on heading up north to Broome and The Kimberley and then continue to Darwin, then you should consider at a dry-season/wet-season scenario. In this case, the dry season is late April to around September/October and the wet season is October/November to April. In the wet season many roads can flood and be closed so if you want to go there at these times you will need to to some in-depth research. Try here and here for road conditions.



Weather in the Outback

If you are wanting to go inland to the outback and then on places like Uluru and Alice Springs, then the best time to go is a little different again. The best time to go is around Autumn (Fall) which is April, May. In this time the day temp averages between  23-28°C and the night temps are an acceptable 8-12°C. These are not the direst months, however, there is not much rain and the trade off for better temperatures is worth it.

School Holiday Peak Seasons are approximately:

29th Mar to 26th Apr

1st Jul to 21st Jul

23rd Sept to 12th Oct

21st Dec – 30 Jan

What to See Around Perth

If you want to keep your hired campervan close-ish to Perth then you are best to head south to the enchanting Margaret River region. The wines here can be exquisite! There are some wonderful restaurants, great beaches and plenty to do, whether a couple or family. You can then swing east along the coast to Albany and Esperance before turning back to Perth.

2674725_71635ee1If you are looking to go further afield, then continue further east along the coast and then turn north and inland for Kalgoorlie. Here you can see the worlds biggest gold mine – the Super Pit. This massive excavation is a tribute to engineering and persistence.

If wanting to stay near Perth but go north, then head to the Pinnacles. It is not a day trip but rather, best done overnight. There are plenty of places to park your campervan overnight in the region. If you have a 4wd camper hire Perth, then make sure you stop by Lancelin and do a bit of sand surfing. You can rent a sand board (very similar to snow board) from some of the little shops and then drive on to the acres of sand dunes. Here you can let loose with the 4wd camper and really see hows thing work. Then run up to dunes and surf on down.

There are more ideas and plans on what to do on the itineraries page.